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Partner Profile: All About Altro

Partner Profile: All About Altro

We are excited to welcome back our partner, exhibitor and long time friend Altro to IIDEXCanada @ The Buildings Show 2017.

For almost 100 years, Altro has earned a strong reputation for introducing innovative, research-backed flooring solutions to the market for their clients in the various sectors they serve. Through this, they have earned a reputation for exceeding client expectations and transforming spaces to become functional, beautiful and complementary to the needs of their intended users. 

Get to know Altro a little better and find out what you have to look forward to this year at IIDEXCanada.

What product/service are you most excited about introducing this year at IIDEXCanada? 

We are very excited about Altro Orchestra. Introduced earlier this year, Altro Orchestra sheet vinyl flooring provides comfort underfoot and sound reduction. Combined with a grand palette of 40 colours, this floor has been engineered to create the ideal environment to heal, learn and live.    

Altro Orchestra and Altro Serenade

What trends do you see emerging for 2018?

There’s more demand for sound reduction now, and we see that continuing into 2018. Our new Altro Orchestra and Altro Serenade products, combined with Altro Lavencia Click LVT, all adhere to strict sound absorption standards. The need has been propelled by healthcare, senior living, and education where acoustics can impact both learning and health outcomes. For example, quieter patient rooms have been shown to help recovery, and quiet classrooms can make it easier for students to hear what is being taught.

Tell us about Altro’s philosophy to sustainability.  

Altro is dedicated to ensuring that our products and processes minimize environmental impact at every stage and has taken a rigorous approach to achieving our environmental objectives and goals. We were the first manufacturer to recycle safety flooring and we continue to pioneer other sustainable advancements like adhesive-free flooring. Sustainability isn’t just a word for us, it is a core philosophy that is at the heart of everything we do. We also believe that what is essential for the secure future of our planet is essential for the secure future of today’s businesses.

What was the inspiration behind your latest product/service line?
The need for excellent sound absorption and the need to design an entire fleet of products with versatile colours and designs to further complement its sound-resistant properties. We don't want to limit our customers' needs. 

What is one of your most interesting projects your products have been specified in to date?

At Queen’s University, where we have completed many projects, the most notable of which is a cafeteria servery, an open kitchen concept. We installed Altro Reliance 25 and the Altro Whiterock wall system in the kitchen with Altro Whiterock Chameleon wall sheets in the open areas. We also included our Altro Lavencia LVT in the main cafeteria.  Altro is well known for its work with hospitals and senior facilities but with this project, we were able to extend our service beyond healthcare.

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