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IIDEX Woodshop Winner 2017: Wayne Muma

IIDEX Woodshop Winner 2017: Wayne Muma

Toronto's vibrant urban wood industry is being threatened by invasive species, old age and natural disasters. The result of which is having a devastating impact on Toronto's urban forests and canopy coverage which sees 100,000 felled trees headed to city landfills annually.

To respond to this issue, Economic Development and Culture at the City of Toronto launched the Urban Wood Industry Development Initiative in order to encourage homeowners and industries to salvage and re-use trees felled in the Greater Toronto Area.

Together with our partners at the City of Toronto, AWMAC, Sawmill Sid and PCL Graphics, IIDEX Woodshop has become the place to showcase how this valuable resource can be repurposed to create innovative, market-ready commercial and consumer prototypes.

Meet the designers that will be a part of this year's 5th annual special feature collection.

About Wayne Muma

Driven by passion, curiosity, and a strong connection to the treed natural world, it was inevitable that Wayne Muma would pursue the fine art of woodworking. The challenge to create process, to shape, and to unite perfect materials into functional forms with permanence most resonates with him. Beyond function, Wayne believes our wooden objects are connectors, to our past, to our natural world, and built with the intention that they strengthen this connection. His work is often created holistically, with continuity, log to finished piece, from local materials. Work in shop primarily focuses on traditional hand tools as they strengthen the union between the tree and the final form.  As Wayne states, "The silence in the shop makes it more personal".

What are your thoughts on the intersection of functionality and aesthetics in design?

When form and function meet perfectly something happens. It is uplifting, it is timeless, and enduring. It is inspiring.|

What inspired you to apply for the IIDEX Woodshop 2017 competition?

Our urban trees are an extremely valuable resource. In their finality it only makes sense to utilize them in other enduring forms. To participate in this concept and help move it forward is an honour. |

Why do you like working with wood as a material?

Wood has a infinite complexity of colour, texture, and working characteristics. Wood has strength and permanence in it's made form. In it's living form, the forest, it is critical to our existence. It connects me to something Real. It has been a path to new unique friendships. It has been a perfect teacher

In your opinion, why are people drawn to wood as a material in the spaces they often frequent?

Wood has an indwelling quality. There is something from within that speaks to us and we have an innate need to listen to this voice. It connects us to our natural world.

What would be your dream commission (this project can be for any client (person-living or dead), organization (gov’t, arts, private, etc.), or size)?

Just recently a friend and I collaborated on a process challenge to recreate a Parquet De Versailles flooring tile with all its original joinery and longevity. It's perfect destination crafted in local woods would be some iconic Canadian space, perhaps the new Prime Ministers' residence.|

To learn more about Wayne's work, visit him at Muma Fine Woodworking and on Instagram.

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