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2016 Keynote Speaker - Karim Rashid

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Time Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 12:00 - 01:00
Category:Architecture, Emerging Professionals, Hospitality, Interior Design, Keynotes, Materials + Textiles, Residential, Retail, Trends
IDCEC #SE-10418-234; OAA Continuing Education

Keilhauer Keynote Theatre

The world is becoming very savvy - both visually and about information. The energy and times are hypertrophic and consumers are perpetually interested in being stimulated, in being excited about their physical environment. It is the residue of the digital age. Everything needs to be designed. I see the future of our aesthetic world crossing all the aesthetic disciplines so that design, art, architecture, fashion, food, music, fuse together to increase our experiences and bring greater pleasure to our material and immaterial lives.  Our motivations should focus around our conscious collective memory and a desire to fill it with ideas that are seamless between art and life. I bring differentiation, innovation, and human needs and desires to companies– all necessary in business today, without this, brands will not survive in our shrinking global highly competitive market place.



  • Karim Rashid
    President , Karim Rashid Inc.

    Karim Rashid has in excess of 3,000 designs in production, over 300 awards and work in at least 40 countries. His diversity in hospitality, retail and condo building interior design projects, attest to his legendary status. He has an uncanny ability to cross-pollinate ideas, materials and behaviours across boundaries to broaden consumer horizons.